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Madeleine is a multidisciplinary artist born in Canada, living in Mexico.

Her work is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the natural world, our connection to it, each other, and a touch of humour :)

After years of dedicating her adult life to music and healing, she is happy to be returning to her love for painting.
She shares original watercolours, oils, playful GIFs, and a growing product line of ecologically minded, fun items to brighten up daily living.

It is her intention for her work to spark joy, innocence and wonder in our complicated world.


For collaborations or to say hi email:



The shop is a collection of originals, prints and lifestyle products all made with nature in mind.


All papers, fabric and materials are chosen with the most ecologically responsible and regenerative elements possible at this stage. The store will continue to grow in it's ability to produce custom, joyful items that give back to the earth and her people. Learn more...


Print on Demand

Most prints, clothing and products are print-on-demand.This helps reduce waste and allows for each item to be created as you order it. Madeleine has chosen products that are shipped plastic-free. With certain items, production sources are chosen as close as possible to their destination to reduce shipping emissions. 


3% of all profits are donated to various organizations that support regeneration, care and inspiration of our planet and her people.
Learn more...

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