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How long does shipping take?

Shipping times vary on your location. Different products are manufactured in different Countries so it depends on what you've ordered and where you are having it shipped. Usually it is within 5 - 21 days. If you need an accurate estimate or expedited shipping, contact

International Shipping
Why don't you ship to my Country?

As we are just starting out and using "print on demand" services...they are located in U.S.A, EU, Canada and
GB for now. With our product testing, we found the products didn't always make it to Countries outside these regions and / or took months to arrive. This is something we are working on in the future...again, so sorry :( 

But I really want to Buy Something! Internationally Can I?

If you really want something (especially originals)
email and we can definitely work it out :) 

Why is shipping so Expensive?

For now, most items are created "print on demand" and the manufacturers set the shipping prices depending on item and location. Unfortunately we can't control it...


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